abs(.)hum is a duet of musicians which have the particuliarity to play on the same guitar!!!
Yes, their instrument, mastered by both musicians, is remotely controlled with any kind of installations (engines, cord pulling, bottle-neck swiveling). They always use the sound with an electronic process: computer, mix table, electroacoustic effects. They experiment and give new possibilities to the guitar ...so that in the end we are unable to distinguish the guitar any more!
The technical issues met by the musicians do not affect the artistic aspects. The equipment and the instrumental techniques are experimental and therefore open the gates to many considerations: musical gesture, ad-libbing, different types of possible writings, autonomous processes, the guitar as a modernity phenomenon in music, musical representation models, instrument standardisation…
The press says of abs(.)hum as a group with reference in post-rock, blues, electronica,multi-guitar music chamber, micro-tonal music,...
christophe havard site
charles-henry benetetau home page on the Volume/collectif webside
-festival Reevox (GMEM) à Marseille (projet Immensity of the territory)
-festival Locus Sonus (Lieu Unique) à Nantes projet (Immensity of the territory)
-festival Câble à Nantes projet (Immensity of the territory)
-cinéma Ciné Jade à Saint-Brévin (projet Immensity of the territory)
-le VIP à Saint-Nazaire (projet Immensity of the territory)
-festival SONORE à Brest (projet Immensity of the territory)
-la Maison des Arts à Saint-Herblain (projet Immensity of the territory)
-cinéma Ciné Presqu'île à Guérande (projet Immensity of the territory)
-résidence d'enregistrement à Césaré (centre de création musicale) à Reims (projet Immensity of the territory)
-festival Elektricity (Césaré/la Cartonnerie) à Reims (projet Immensity of the territory)
-le VIP à Saint-Nazaire (projet Immensity of the territory)
-festival Musique Action in Vandoeuvre les Nancy(project Immensity of the territory)
-workshop and creation of the second part of the project "Immensity of the territory" at the Pannonica in Nantes
-a trip in the southwest of America to prepare the second part of Immensity of the territory
-Athenor in Nantes
-cinema the Cinematographe in Nantes, for the festival Sonor (projet Immensity of the territory)
-festival Meeting in Tours, organised by the Petit Faucheux (projet Immensity of the territory)
-festival Musiques de rue in Besançon (projet Immensity of the territory)
-OMR in St-Sébastien, organised by the Pannonica (projet Immensity of the territory)
-Festival "Farniente" in Pornichet,(projet Immensity of the territory)
-15 days in the USA with the guitarist Anthony Taillard to prepared the project "Immensity of the Territory"
-Festival Muzzix organised by the CRIME Lille (Fr)
-"la Carenne" - Brest (Fr.)
-"DogPig Art Café" - in Kao-Hsiung (Taiwan) projection of a Shejingren's movie with the music of abs(.)hum: "the pith of the aphrodisiac tree"
-Concert and sound installation 'cUncert-x with the association VOLUME/COLLECTIF at "Athénor (ST-Nazaire Fr.)
-"Les instants chavirés - Montreuil (Fr.)
-"Tribu Festival" - Dijon (Fr.)
-"chez l'un l'une l'autre" - Rezé (Fr.)
-Festival "musiques de rue" - Besançon (Fr.)
-blockhaus DY.10 in nantes (Fr.) (+ anthony taillard)
-Parc la Garenne Lemot - clisson (association acousma) (Fr.)
-the CD "no heroes" edited by the label tiramizu (sept 2005)
-les abattoirs de Billère - pau (Fr.) (association la factory)
-art center passerelle - brest (Fr.)(association penn ar jazz)
-Pannonica - nantes (Fr.)
-théâtre athénor - st-nazaire (Fr.)
-festival résonances - st-nazaire (Fr.) (+ aimé dontigny, éric dorion, hughes germain)
-festival nuit d'hiver organised by the GRIM - marseille (Fr.)(+ anthony taillard)
-festival nuit blanche - paris (Fr.) (+ shejingren - wan-shuen tsai/yannick dauby)
-10 days of record in the théâtre athénor - st-nazaire (Fr.)
-"semaine musicale" st-brévin les pins (Fr.)
-Guérande (+ Hughes Germain)(Fr.)
-2 nights in the HUB - nantes (+ guests: Carine Lequyer, John Morin, Anthony Taillard, Basile Feriot, ...) (Fr.)
-Instants Chavirés (montreuil) (Fr.)
-the first Cd audio + video (label tiramizu)
été 2003: création du duo abs(.)hum

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